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3 injured in accident on Okeechobee Road

<p> Three people were taken to the hospital after a crash on Okeechobee Road in Northwest Miami-Dade.</p><p> The accident happened during rush hour Friday afternoon near Northwest 154 Street, just west of Florida's Turnpike.</p><p> Okeechobee Road has been closed in both directions.</p><p> The Florida Highway Patrol says a silver car and pickup truck collided. One of the three injured was airlifted to a nearby hospital.</p><p> The accident is under investigation.</p><p> Watch Local 10 News or refresh this page for updates.</p>

Published: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 21:50:09 GMT

Anonymous social media users engage in 'Purge' to distribute revenge porn

<p> The Federal Bureau of Investigation believes one of the people setting up anonymous social media accounts, so users can share revenge porn is in Miami.</p><p> Ever since the horror thriller film "The Purge Anarchy" was released July 18, there have been Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts being used to engage in "online purging."</p><p> "DM [Direct Message] us dirty pictures and messages of people and we'll tag them," one of the Instagram accounts said before it was taken down.</p><p> The movie is about what would happen if society would legalize crime for a day. This has prompted a viral trend of revenge porn on the web. For instance on Twitter, the anything goes attitude was associated with the hash tag "Twitter Purge."</p><p> "It appears that some of the victims affected by the incident believe that they have identified the suspect," State Attorney's Office spokesman Ed Griffith said in a press release Friday.</p><p> Outraged users created accounts to show their opposition to the "Purge" trend. On Facebook, a community named "Stop The Facebook Purge"  was set up July 17 and hash tags such as  "Stop The Purge" were circulating on Twitter.</p><p> "Everyone remember! We are not the bad ones," a Twitter user who was running a Purging account recently posted. "Its those who are Dming [Direct Messaging] us and sending in your nudes that are bad, so think twice of who you trust."</p><p> Revenge porn has been an issue worldwide in the last five years. With access to cell phones, high school students are moving to explore their sexuality through "sexting," which often involves photos of nudity.</p><p> When the photos are made public, the women are often humiliated and referred to as "Thots," a slang for promiscuous.</p><p> Unable to deal with the shame, several teenage girl have committed suicide after naked pictures of them were published and circulated through social media.</p><p> Authorities were looking at the postings as cases of cyber bullying. They were asking anyone with information or anyone who may have been victimized to contact local police.</p><p> "These victims should notify local law enforcement and not approach or engage the suspect in any manner," Griffith said.</p>

Published: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 22:49:00 GMT

12-story apartment building to be demolished in Hollywood

<p> The Town House Apartments will be demolished Saturday. The 12-story building will give way to high rises as part of the Hollywood Circle project.</p><p> The demolition will take place at 9:30 a.m. Saturday and it will affect traffic.</p><p> "The building is going to be pulled down," said Charles Abele of the Hollywood Circle project. "Instead of using explosives, we have weakened the building by installing temporary columns."</p><p> The lack of explosives does not mean it will not cause some problems for the area. The city is warning residents to stay indoors and close their windows because of the dust.</p><p> "Gravity is the energy that takes it down," said Abele.</p><p> Drivers will be re-routed around Young Circle during the demolition.</p><p> U.S. 1 going north will detour onto Harrison Street and drivers heading south on U.S. 1 will be diverted onto Taylor Street. The closures take place from 9:30- 10:30 a.m.</p><p> The Hollywood Circle project will feature two high rises along Young Circle. The bigger of the two projects will include 397 rental apartments, a restaurant and retail shops.</p>

Published: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 22:42:40 GMT

Resident evicted from apartment after complaining about deplorable conditions

<p> "It is terrible. I am going through holy hell," said Shannon Daniels who lives in a Liberty City apartment complex that is overgrown with mushrooms on the ceiling, fecal matter and mold.</p><p> Daniels told Local 10 News she is about to be evicted for refusing to pay rent since her landlord has not kept the building up to code.</p><p> "I actually had to complain," said Daniels. "The toilet is not even mounted to the floor. I have to put down towels, and the towels are completely moldy."</p><p> When Daniels complained and nothing was done she withheld the rent and was summarily evicted. She has until Monday to get out.</p><p> "I want to leave so bad," said Daniels. "I have been trying to, but I can never save up enough money to go."</p><p> Local 10 News learned the building owner hasn't just neglected this property in Miami, but others as well. He also didn't pay a $900,000 water bill at a complex in Houston, Texas, and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy over a 518-unit building in Indianapolis.</p><p> Meanwhile, the owners reportedly live in a multimillion-dollar mansion in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.</p><p> "What am I supposed to do?" asked Daniels. "I am stuck between a rock and hard place."</p><p> Daniels said others don't complain for fear of being kicked out.</p><p> "This is a problem that we have in the inner city of Miami," said City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado. "Absentee landlords that just don't care. They even ignore the liens from code enforcement."</p>

Published: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 22:23:42 GMT

Surveillance images released in Davie gun shop break-in

<p> Police are still searching for the men who broke into Alfie’s Gun Shop earlier this week</p>

Published: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 22:07:35 GMT

Boy, 11, released from hospital after playing 'fire challenge'

<p> An 11-year-old boy who is recovering from severe burns after playing the so-called "fire challenge" was released from the hospital Friday.</p><p> Earlier in the morning he spoke to Local 10 News about what led him to douse himself with alcohol and then set himself on fire.</p><p> "Watching Facebook," answered Robinson.</p><p> It was part of bizarre and dangerous game making the rounds on the Internet in which kids light themselves on fire and post the videos on social media.</p><p> It's called the fire challenge or burn challenge, and the social media clips have gained tens of thousands of views.</p><p> "Kids are doing harm to themselves, because they believe they do this, get under the shower and will not get burned," said Dr. Carlos Medina, a plastic surgeon at Kendall Regional Hospital. "But 100 percent of the time they get burned."</p><p> Medina said Kendall Regional has a network of eight burn centers in the southeast United States. Two days ago, Robinson was the network's first patient injured doing this stunt and there have been seven more cases since then.</p><p> "Every single time that they do it they get burned, and they get burned deeply because they have rubbing alcohol or acetone which can burn really really deeply," said Medina.</p><p> Robinson said he put alcohol on his stomach and then lit it on fire. He suffered second and third-degree burns on about 10 percent of his body.</p><p> Doctors now hope to douse the myth that you can't get hurt pulling this stunt. If you don't believe them, take it from a kid who learned the hard way.</p><p> "Do not do the challenge," advised Robinson.</p><p> Derick Robinson</p>

Published: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 22:22:38 GMT

Video shows Broward County judge refuse blood, urine tests after arrest

<p> A newly released videotape in the DUI arrest of Broward Circuit Judge Lynn Rosenthal shows conclusively she outright refused a Broward sheriff's deputy's request to take both a urine and blood test that would have determined what if any drugs were in her system when she drove recklessly, striking both a patrol car and a security gate, in a courthouse parking lot on her way to work on May 27.</p><p> Rosenthal, who wasn't drinking, claimed it was due to an Ambien pill she had taken to get to sleep the night before, but there was also a bottle of the anti-anxiety medication Xanax in her purse.</p><p> "Would you be willing to submit to the urine and blood test?" asked Deputy Michael Wiley</p><p> "No," answered an uncooperative Rosenthal.</p><p> The videotape sharply contradicts public statements from Rosenthal made through her attorney, Brian Silber. In an email to Local 10 put out Thursday, Silber, representing Rosenthal, wrote, "While she agreed to perform a urine test, the unsanitary conditions in the jail made her uncomfortable and she refused the officer's illegal request to draw blood." Silber contended that Wiley "demanded a urine and blood test or nothing at all."</p><p> None of that is reflected in the actual video.</p><p> "So you're refusing any and all tests?" Wiley asked her.</p><p> "... Not any and all, I'll do a Breathalyzer no problem," said Rosenthal.</p><p> "Will you also submit to urine and blood tests?" asked Wiley.</p><p> "The answer is no to each of those," answered Rosenthal.</p><p> After refusing the urine test individually, Wiley offers her water.</p><p> "I couldn't do a urine test. I've been asking for water," said Rosenthal.</p><p> "OK, we could get you some water that way I could get you some water and when you have to go you could go ahead and do it that way," said Wiley. "The blood test is no problem. We can bring the ambulance."</p><p> "They were already here, so no," said Rosenthal. "I'll do a Breathalyzer test, no problem."</p><p> "We could do a breath test but I'm going to tell you right now I don't suspect alcohol," said Wiley, adding later, "I believe it's chemical substances."</p><p> Later Wiley again clearly gives her a choice to take either a urine or blood test.</p><p> "You don't want to submit to blood or urine to eliminate any other possibility?" he asked.</p><p> "I'm not going to do it," said the judge.</p><p> Rosenthal's attorney's claim that she wouldn't do the blood test because of "unsanitary conditions" also comes into serious question, since the video makes it clear the blood test would have been performed in an ambulance rather than a jail or holding area.</p><p> "What's in that video and what's in that press release just aren't the same thing," said William Gelin, after he watched the video.</p><p> Rosenthal also refuses to do field sobriety tests in the facility, though she had done them earlier and, according to Wiley's report, failed to maintain her balance and missed all her heel-to-toe steps. Yet, while refusing to repeat the tests in the video, Rosenthal claimed, "I just did them perfectly, there's no reason to do them again." At one point she asked to go "off camera," but Wiley refuses to avoid any hint of "impropriety."</p><p> Her refusal may have paved the way for a plea deal last week in which the DUI charge was reduced to a reckless driving and she was sentenced to three months probation and 25 hours community service. She was reassigned to the civil division after her arrest but could return to the criminal division when the case is resolved.</p>

Published: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 22:24:48 GMT

Annual Miami Spice kicks off Friday

<p> The 13th annual Miami Spice kicked off Friday, offering foodies exclusive dining deals from Aug. 1 through Sept. 30.</p><p> This year, more than 170 restaurants are participating in the two-month event, including 45 new restaurants. Lunch prices start at $23 per person and dinner prices start at $39 per person.</p><p> Also new to the program is a series of Miami Spice Mash-Up dinners, which kicked off in June and will last until the end of Miami Spice.</p><p> "This year we pay homage to our rich heritage and eclectic food by creating The Miami Spice Mash-Ups," said William D. Talbert III, CDME president and CEO of the GMCVB.  "These unique dining experiences feature chef collaborations bringing together diverse culinary styles and flavors into one dining experience." </p><p> This year, Miami Spice fans will also have the opportunity to win special dining deals and prizes by posting and sharing photos of Miami Spice meals on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #MiamiSpice. One $100 gift certificate will be given out each week, and a grand prize of a hotel stay and VIP dining experience will also be given to one special winner.</p><p> Below is a list of all the new participating Miami Spice restaurants.</p><p> 1.      15th & Vine Kitchen and Bar</p><p> 2.      1826 Restaurant & Lounge</p><p> 3.      AQ by Acqualina</p><p> 4.      Bellmónt Spanish Restaurant</p><p> 5.      Big Fish Restaurant</p><p> 6.      Bistro BE</p><p> 7.      BLT Prime Miami</p><p> 8.      Bocce Bar</p><p> 9.      BrickTop's Restaurant</p><p> 10.  Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge</p><p> 11.  Cipriani Downtown Miami</p><p> 12.  The District Miami</p><p> 13.  Earls Kitchen & Bar</p><p> 14.  El'eat</p><p> 15.  Embarcadero 41 Fusion</p><p> 16.  Fez</p><p> 17.  Francesco @ The Towers of Key Biscayne</p><p> 18.  Francesco Restaurant Coral Gables</p><p> 19.  HaVen South Beach</p><p> 20.  Icebox Cafe</p><p> 21.  Il Forno Ristorante</p><p> 22.  IL Mulino NY - SOUTH BEACH</p><p> 23.  La Gamba Restaurant</p><p> 24.  La Mar by Gaston Acurio</p><p> 25.  La Montanara Miami</p><p> 26.  L'echon Brasserie</p><p> 27.  Lorenzo</p><p> 28.  Lure Fishbar</p><p> 29.  Michael Mina 74 at Fontainebleau Miami Beach</p><p> 30.  Mignonette</p><p> 31.  Oolite Restaurant and Bar</p><p> 32.  Orange Blossom</p><p> 33.  Perfecto</p><p> 34.  Petit Bistro</p><p> 35.  Pied A Terre</p><p> 36.  Pilar Restaurant & Bar</p><p> 37.  Porfirios Restaurant</p><p> 38.  Seasalt & Pepper Brasserie</p><p> 39.  Semilla Eatery & Bar</p><p> 40.  SHIKANY</p><p> 41.  St. Regis Bar</p><p> 42.  Touche Restaurant & Rooftop Lounge</p><p> 43.  The Traymore Restaurant & Bar</p><p> 44.  Wine Depot 555</p><p> 45.  Wolfgang's Steakhouse - by Wolfgang Zwiener</p><p> Click here for a full list of participating restaurants and for more information about Miami Spice.</p>

Published: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 22:13:04 GMT

Defensive driving course offered at Miami Dade College

<p> Students at Miami Dade College are getting the chance to learn more than just your typical driving maneuvers.</p><p> The school’s North Campus is offering drivers ages 16-21 the chance to take an advanced driving safety course.</p><p> The course includes four hours of classroom training and eight hours of actual on the road experience on the campus’ own driving range.</p><p> The program is aimed to help students learn how to deal with emergency situations, all in an effort to cut down the mortality rate for young drivers in Florida and across the country.</p><p> Robert Lynch, the deputy chief of police at Miami Dade College hopes the course will really teach students the skills they need.</p><p> "It’s the No. 1 killer of teenagers between the ages of 16 and 20," said Lynch.</p><p> The course costs $150 but the instructors believe the price of a wreck can be much higher.</p><p> "It’s a combination of knowing when to break, knowing how to steer smoothly and maintaining control of your car while you do it,” said Lynch.</p><p> The program is offered throughout the year and as soon as enough students register they plan to then hold the classes.</p><p> The instructors hope to offer an adult class and a class for seniors in the near future.</p>

Published: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 22:17:11 GMT

Gratigny Plateau Park expected to open Wednesday

<p> A major makeover for Gratigny Plateau Park that was spearheaded by Local 10 continues, and now Miami-Dade County officials say the park will be ready to open to the public next Wednesday.</p><p> Three empty lots in a Northwest Miami-Dade neighborhood have been transformed into the park, which is part of a public-private partnership to give the community a park that it never had.</p><p> "Today we’re laying asphalt in the road, and we’re laying concrete for the walkways," said Jay Forni, construction manager of the Miami-Dade Parks Department. "We’ve just had all our landscaping material delivered. We’re going to start planting trees and bushes. We’re putting exercise equipment up today."</p><p> SPECIAL SECTION: Complete coverage of Gratigny Plateau Park </p><p> The plan to build the park just south of Gratigny Parkway and east of Northwest 7Avenue has been two years in the making.</p><p> Miami-Dade County hadn’t been able to complete the project due to lack of funding, but thanks to a team of volunteers and donors, the park will soon be open for the community’s children.</p><p> Slideshow</p>

Published: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 22:29:47 GMT

Tropical Storm Bertha moves into NE Caribbean sea

<p> Tropical Storm Bertha continues to pick up speed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as it moves into the northeast Caribbean sea.</p><p> [RELATED: Hurricane Survival Guide | Track storm]</p><p> The storm was located more than 355 miles southeast of San Juan Puerto Rico. It was moving west-northwest at 24 mph with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph.</p><p> Bertha doesn't currently pose a threat to the United States, although Puerto Rico is in the storm's path.</p><p> Local 10 News hurricane specialist Max Mayfield said the storm is being hindered by an outflow boundary and an upper-level low.</p><p> "That may all change here with a little bit of time," he said.</p><p> Mayfield said Bertha was expected to reach the Caribbean Sea by Friday night and take a turn to the north.</p><p> The closest the storm will come to South Florida is Monday, he said.</p><p> Mayfield said the computer models are mostly all in agreement about where the storm is headed.</p><p> "All of them are showing more northward motion by the time it gets close to the northern Bahamas and then northeastward," he said.  </p>

Published: Sat, 02 Aug 2014 00:04:45 GMT

PHOTOS: National Twins Day in South Florida

<p> You're not seeing double, these are pictures of twins from all over South Florida celebrating National Twins Day</p>

Published: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 21:56:17 GMT